Discerning The Word

Friday-July 1, 2011

Luke 23: 31  For if they do this when the word is green, what will happen when it is dry?

Sometimes it takes an extreme experience before we give God the attention that he needs from us. Saul was quite zealous for the law. Not only was it his profession as a Pharisee, it was his passion. His zealousness however was not glorifying God. Indeed, his campaign against the Jews who followed the disciples for Christ must have overjoyed the Roman leaders, as the lost sheep of Israel became a house divided against itself. Christ himself said that he did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill (Matt. 5:17). Yet even today, Christ was right on point with the women who grieved over him as he walked to his own crucifixion. Although I believe Christ is speaking of himself in the above passage, the word today is alive because of his resurrection and ascension, yet there are those who treat it as dead in favor of their own self-righteousness or interpretation of “law” and people suffer. For three days he (Saul) was without sight, and neither ate nor drank (Acts 9:9). No doubt there are consequences for our misinterpretation of God’s purpose in our lives. The good news is that God understands our passion (heart) and intentions (mind) far greater than we ever could and if he has to he will bring us to our knees in order to fulfill his law and not our own. To God be the Glory!

Psalm 140, 142; 1Samuel 13:19 – 14:15; Acts 9:1-9; Luke 23:26-31