Love Is Patient

Friday-July 8, 2011

On July 2, 2011 I blogged some thoughts about love. Lately, it has weighed heavily on my mind. The following is a continuation of those thoughts as will the next couple of days. I hope you will receive them with mercy and grace. Thanks for reading and as always I pray that as I share these thoughts they inspire you in some way as you continue your journey with Christ.

God’s love is patient.

God waits for us. Sometimes we spend way too much time waiting for other people (husband, wife, son, daughter, employer, co-worker etc.) to get with our program not realizing that God is waiting for us to get with his. Out of frustration and sometimes pain, have you ever asked yourself concerning the people you love, “Why do I waste my time?” God never asks this question about his own creation, and our consciousness of him is only the beginning of a relationship that he always intended to have with us. It’s a relationship that has purpose. It has joy. It has sustenance in every aspect of our lives and in every role God has given us to complete. Our relationship with him is its own reward. It is not enough to simply know that God’s love exists; you have to believe it with all your heart, soul and mind, then accept, receive and confess this reality of God’s relationship personally within you. God’s love is patient. He will wait for you to begin to focus on his love. But rest assured, while he is waiting on you, someone else is calling on him this very moment and he will respond. The longer he waits for you, the longer it takes for his purpose in your life to be fulfilled.