Thursday-July 28, 2011

Sometimes we honor God with our mouths, while our heart (emotions) tells the true story of where we are in our relationship with him by the words we speak to one another. Twice in the past six days I expected something to happen that did not occur. Both times relied on the services of someone else. The first incident was very personal, a childhood friend’s 50th birthday that I did not want to go unnoticed on my part and the second was an appliance service call that never got serviced. I managed to calm myself down after the first incident and after making three phone calls I got the refund for the flowers that were never delivered. A few days later I was scheduled to have a repair done on a major appliance but the contractor for the work never showed. I don’t know why neither of these events happened the way I expected but I do remember being more furious the second time over something far less important, giving the customer service representative a rather difficult time about not valuing my time. In either situation I did not get what I expected nor trust God that it was all going to be okay eventually. I let my own sense of value overtake my sense of compassion and understanding. If our hearts do not respond in love, the word of God is meaningless.

Mark 7:1-23 ‘This people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me’