It’s not always easy to understand the direction our life seems to be taking, but here the Psalmist not only expresses confidence in being lead, but also understands it is to fulfill God’s will and not his own. While in Sinai, God had become angry with the people of Israel and said to Moses he would only send an angel ahead of them in to the promise land. God himself would not go with them (Exodus 33:1-6). Moses prayed asking the Lord to not send them out of Sinai if God’s presence would not go with them. Without God’s presence how will others know that they are God’s people? Without his presence how will people see God’s glory? Probably the worse punishment I could give to my children was to ignore them, a shun of sorts. Because they no longer had my attention they knew I was very angry. Of course eventually I needed to be able to speak with them to encourage them and they needed to know that in spite of the situation, I still very much loved them and would always be there for them. God chooses us and he wants to be with us, so that we too can walk the same path of righteousness in which Moses walked. After Moses’ prayed (Exodus 33:12-16) God did change his mind. I believe he always intended to remain with them through their journey and God will remain with us in our journey also.

Psalm 23 He guides me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake…