Rod Of Discipline


God’s discipline is different from the world. While the world’s discipline usually involves physical consequence based on action, God’s discipline involves changing attitudes of the heart, the soul and the mind. Once you begin to have a relationship with God, you begin to understand God’s discipline in trying situations. It used to be that whenever I was in a hurry, I always seemed to find myself behind the slowest driver on the road that day and frustrated by the time I reached my destination. It took me awhile to discipline myself to leave the house on time and stop cursing the consequence of the situation. Our thoughts generally guide our actions. We can’t control what other people do but we can control the self. Every day life experience warrants that the rod that disciplines and the staff that guides never ends in this journey. God helped me to see that I was disregarding the other driver’s respect of the speed limit because I was in a hurry and admittedly, because of my lack of discipline. In every situation God’s discipline constantly transforms our thinking, which in turn creates a new being in us for God’s purpose and his will. The discipline that we receive in the home may be the beginning of how we understand that our actions affect the self and others. The discipline from God helps us to also think about why our actions affect the self and others and when necessary, make changes to the glory of God’s name.

Psalm 23 Your rod and your staff they comfort me…

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