Allowing God Time


Merry Christmas! I know for myself that allowing God time isn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but when I put God first, time is always on my side! God’s word reveals that waiting on the Lord assures us of some kind of reward, whether it is an answer to a problem, strength for our journey, or the jackpot of wisdom in all circumstances. Each of us has our own truth that we don’t always fully perceive in one another. God alone knows all truths and has to work that truth out in each of us. Every day, as we relate to one another we have to allow God time to work in us while he is also working in other people. Eventually, “the Bridegroom will come,” and in the meantime, when he does, always be prepared to move forward and be blessed in the process. Let the Christmas Spirit of faith, hope and love reign!

Allowing God Time; When the Bridegroom comes; Make preparation

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