One True Mediator


Merry Christmas! Today being Wednesday, and as we glide into the end of the year, I want to share something to help you get over what is commonly called “hump day.” I give thanks to God everyday for the people and support he has placed in my life. However, it took me a while to learn and remember that Christ alone is our one true mediator! Christ alone is our only redeemer! When seeking instruction and guidance, a good mentor understands (nor do they desire it) that they have nothing to gain or anything to lose by extending their wisdom to help you reconcile your life. While this life has many joys, it also has its share of hurdles, sometimes put in place by people we know, other times by people we don’t know.  Mostly, we unknowingly put them there our selves because of the decisions we’ve made. Nevertheless, when struggling to make it to the next “whatever,” I have learned to first seek the one who pioneered this journey of faith and the only one who has perfected it. No authority on earth has reached that perfection. By God’s grace, know that the relationship we choose to have with Christ is what will either get us over the humps, help us to move around them, and on occasion help to dig our selves out from underneath them to reach the side that is redemption, reconciliation and peace. Let the Spirit of Christmas reign. Trust God!

One True Mediator; Pioneer and Perfecter; Peace

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