Claim Your Name!

Happy New Year!

How appropriate it is to celebrate the naming of Christ Jesus, on the first day of the year; “God Saves.” In the Bible names have history and for many of us today our names have some kind of story behind them. Think about it though, from this first day forward and now that you’ve lived so many years, what would you like to be called? How would you like to be identified? This time next year will it still be relevant? Do you even want it to be? I have the kind of name that isn’t shared by too many people (at least not in the U.S). Years ago I used to be bothered that no one ever seemed to spell my name correctly and 99 % of the time mispronounced it. I was always excited when I met someone who not only shared my name but also spelled their name exactly like mine. It was almost as if I was an anomaly. I of course learned to get over it. These days I am happy to be named “Child of God,” and I thank him everyday that it’s who I am and who I want to be. The Good News is that with this name I never feel like an anomaly, just blessed. Have a Happy New Year and start it out right. Claim Your Name!

Naming of Christ Jesus; Good News; Claim Your Name