No One Left Behind

How is it that something by our own perception, considered unclean and unsanitary, can be made holy and acceptable for use in God’s kingdom? When Jesus encounters a man blind from birth, he makes a salve consisting of dirt and saliva to spread over his eyes then instructs him to go wash in the Pool of Siloam. When he finishes cleansing his face the man is able to see. When we believe in the premise that God created all things and all things God creates is good, even “mud” has possibilities. It is important to remember that through Christ, there is no condemnation. When God crossed the Israelites over the Jordan, it was his intention to cross every one over. Not one person still living was left on the bank behind as they crossed to the other side in to the land that was promised. That hasn’t changed for us today. I believe God intends for each of us to cross over from where ever we are, to the place he promises us to be. He intends for each of us to be saved and he intends for each of us to live and remain in reconciliation with him. Every living day is an opportunity to be instructed and lead by God. Thank God for the man born blind. Thank God for the grace to believe. Believing makes everything possible.

Sin is Redeemed; Life through Christ; Crossing Over