It’s Never Too Late

Jonah was swallowed in the belly of a whale and Lazarus was bound and lying dead in a tomb for four days. Whether we take these stories literally or figuratively, their meaning is very clear; it’s never too late for God. There is no darkness that will turn God away from our cries for help. Yes, there is that “time” issue. We don’t like waiting to be rescued. But if it took us five years or more to create the behaviors and situations in which we find ourselves involved, we can be assured that it will take some time, discipline and faith in our selves and in God to change those behaviors and situations. The good news is that God is forever faithful and the force behind God’s power for us is our unremitting faith in Him. Sometimes it is our faith alone like Jonah who found himself isolated in his situation. Other times and much more often it is the collective faith of others like the sisters of Lazarus, Martha and Mary, who believed on his behalf. Either way I believe the most power comes when together, the individual faith (knowing God for one self) and the collective faith of a community (knowing God in relationship with others) continually strive, even in the midst of trials, to build a shield of faith in God’s Kingdom here on earth as we know it exists in heaven. Surely then, we will know that there is nothing impossible for God.

Never Too Late; Unremitting Faith; Armor of God