Truth revealed is the moment at which some event or action appears in its true form or nature.  Epiphany is a truth revealed. It is something that we now understand, an enlightenment or revelation, which was once hidden or unclear. Epiphanies in relationships of any kind have one thing in common: freedom. The very moment that truth is revealed we have the freedom to make a choice, or to move in a direction we may have previously thought was not possible, physically and/or spiritually. Epiphanies give us the opportunity to be. We have many epiphanies in our relationships with one another, some small, others very significant. Yet, the revelation of Christ to the gentiles via Magi from the east is an epiphany of a different kind. While it still offers us the same freedom it adds the crucial element of unconditional love, something we don’t fully accept until we are ready to fully submit to it and subsequently work to create an environment within our selves to give it in return. The light that the Magi followed is the same light that we follow today, the one that leads to unconditional love given in the gift of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The question we have to ask of our selves is can we submit to and live out this epiphany or do we go back and submit to and live according to the “Herods” of the world. Now that the manifestation of Christ is revealed, the freedom to choose is ours. Arise and shine, for your light has come.

Revelation; Freedom ; Following the Light

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