Feed The Body, Feed The Soul

Bread, considered a staple food across the globe, is an essential element in most meals, satisfying the body’s physical need to be sustained. However, the bread that God gives serves a spiritual need which sustains the heart, soul and mind. It comforts us when we are hurt, gives us hope when we are discouraged, and continually loves us more when we are unable to love our selves. When my mother was alive she gave a lot of things to a lot of people. When she died it is her spirit that remains and enables me to keep moving when I feel like giving up. So too, I still have some of the things that my first priest mentor gave me while he was alive, but it is his spirit that I carry, which didn’t give up on me when I was ready to give up on myself. It’s their words of the Christ within them that helps to sustain my life to this day. Jesus was in the midst of his own people, performing miracles and the Pharisees wanted a sign! Today many people still do, but the sign given for the Pharisees is the same sign for us today, found in the Word of God, the bread of life himself: Christ. If we believe in the Word of God, then the sign has already been revealed to us and is paid forward through the life of Christ. Our testimony of Christ’s life through us today will be the sign and the essential element that helps to feed the soul for others tomorrow.

Not by Bread Alone;  Bread of LIfe; Bread for the World