Bread For Thought: Only One Person

Some of us start out with a huge entourage of friends. As the years grow longer we realize there really is only a few who have hung in there with us today. There is no special cause except that people move away or simply grow in different directions. Somehow, regardless of the path we take there is that one friend who is right there ready to encourage and keep us honest with our self. It really only takes one person to believe in us, which helps us move forward in our journey and is willing to come along for the bumpy ride. That someone believes in you no matter what the situation; stands by you and supports you. We can always go to that person without judgment or expectation of something in return. Most importantly this person will cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and rejoice when you rejoice, a true gift. That someone I believe is God in the person of Jesus Christ, that is of course, only if you believe.

Song of Trust And Security; Unbelief Leads Us Astray; The First Sign