Bread For Thought: A Path Of Least Resistance

Do you think that if Jesus told a parable when he entered his Father’s House, and found the Temple being used as a market place, he would have been just as effective in cleansing out the violators? What sermon could have been given to the flesh of the earth to keep God from flooding it and destroying them, save for the family of one righteous man? How many times do we have to reason with our own children before concluding that they just don’t get it? Most times, the authorities in the Temple didn’t understand the parables. Noah in his time, was apparently the only one actually listening for God, and let’s face it studies show that youth today generally don’t access their fullest capacity for thought until they are around the age of 25. Sometimes the only thing that works is immediate action. I suppose you could call it “tough love” even though in my own experience the only one it seems to affect initially at the time is the one taking the action. That surely includes me, and my blunders in life. We are fortunate to have Good News in all of this. If we can be frustrated with our own children, God must certainly get frustrated with us. Are we always listening? Are we always doing the right thing? Have we really thought it all through? God will always remember who we are but will also take action in our lives when he wants to get our attention. After all, who enjoys frustration?  In the end is it not our goal and His, to enter in to God’s peaceable kingdom and not his wrath?

Frustration; Hearing God’s Voice; Entering God’s Rest