Who Are We?

Why would Jesus tell his disciples not to share with anyone who he was? Peter at least is convinced. After all who could possibly perform the miracles that the disciples themselves have witnessed? However, when the word “officially” reaches the authorities and Jesus is brought before them, who among the disciples remain present to defend him? As we look back over our own life how do we share the blessings we’ve experienced? To whom do we attribute those blessings? When Jesus asks Peter and the other disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” he is asking each of us the same question. It speaks to the essence of our relationship with Christ and I believe the question goes even deeper to asks of us who are we. What have we experienced in this relationship with Christ? Are we in fact ready to defend that experience? How will people know we are, who we say we are, if we don’t first understand who Christ is within us? For Peter, Jesus was The Good Shepherd. As a sheep it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of flight; Peter and all the other disciples did. But after the resurrection, Peter would become the shepherd. Eventually, that manifestation of the resurrection comes for each us as we journey to become shepherds of our own experience with Christ. It is then that we like Peter, are no longer hesitant of the truth about who we are in Christ, bold and reconciled to share the true experience of the Gospel.

Who Am I; The Good Shepherd; Shepherds For Christ