A Universal Communication

What really happened upon the plain in the land of Shinar when God scattered the language of the people? Some say it was a way of creating diversity. Perhaps this was part of his purpose but I think their disposition towards their ability to build and their purpose for building was of great concern for God. Even today any group that takes on a monolithic character is often viewed with caution. It seems to me that one of the effects of confusing the language, forced humankind to find different ways to communicate with one another in order for them to be successful around any common goal. This isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do however; the first step is certainly the ability to talk to one another. Today the English Language has become the “bridge” language for many countries desiring to do business in a global economy. This may satisfy the external need to communicate but what I see missing is the internal need of hospitality towards one another. When Jesus meets the woman at the well he already knows that Jews and Samaritans share descendants and yet their “diversity” has kept them from eating at the same table. Jesus assures her that the bridge that connects her to eternal life is neither her ancestors nor her ability (as a lone woman) to draw from the well. Jesus was and is that bridge for us today. How we treat one another and how we respond to one another has nothing to do with difference and everything to do with who we are when we place our inner hope, faith and goals in the one who redeems and reconciles not only to God but also to one another. All the diversity in the world does not change who Christ is for each of us, and how we should communicate Christ’s love within us, to one another.

Parable of the Monolithic Society; The Bridge of Living Water; The Shrine Within