A Believers Balance

Is it possible that the Ninevites had something in common with the disciples in Mark? Their immediacy to God’s call doesn’t fit the characteristic of many believers of Christ that I know of today. I am sure there are some who have responded to God’s call with such immediacy, but the initial reaction of most of us is more like that of Jonah, to turn and go in a different direction. I believe that what’s important is that both the Ninevites and the disciples believed and followed. For those who get it right away, great! For the rest of us, we don’t always end up in the “belly of a large fish” but we do realize that the time comes when we have to stop turning away. The time comes when we must focus every situation of our lives in God’s direction. In the end it won’t matter whom we were most like before we believed and it won’t matter how long it took us, when we finally chose to believe. For everyone who believes in the end enters into God grace equally.

Believe and Follow; Focus on God; Together in the Balance