Faith Value

No longer do we need to take things at face value. Face value is based on “what you see is what you get.” Faith value is so much more. It is belief in what you don’t see but know that God is working it out in your favor. It’s not enough just to hope for something. We must also believe and work towards that belief. Who works towards some “thing” they don’t believe in? Further, what we must believe is God’s ability and purpose and not the “thing” itself. For example, I may not like the situation that I am in, but I must believe that God’s ability and purpose is preparing me for the situation that I want to be in. In other words there is something about the situation that I am in that I need to learn so that when I reach the situation that I hope for, I will be fully prepared to receive it. Face value simply says that it’s an unfavorable situation. Faith value says that we believe it is an opportunity for growth because no matter what the situation we know that God is faithful.

Faith; God’s ability, Christ’s purpose; God is faithful

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