The True Reward of Faith

True positive reward is characterized by its longevity and ability to affect future generations. If there is anything that I should desire to pass on to future generations, it is my faith in God and his desire to prosper his steadfast love and favor within me. Every other relationship that I have whether it is with people, places or things is temporary, incomplete and imperfect. However, if I can reach the consciousness of my children to love God who’s love is everlasting, then my prosperity will be my children’s prosperity and subsequently passed on to my posterity. Ishmael was born out of Sarah’s lack of faith and yet because God is faithful, his promise to Abraham, of a great nation is extended to Ishmael. Sarah’s faith in the physical (Hagar’s younger child-bearing body) is imperfect but made perfect through Abraham’s faith in the spiritual. Today, through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob our true reward is the heritage of God’s faithfulness and steadfast love and favor made perfect through Jesus Christ. Have Faith Will Travel!

A true reward of faith; Abraham’s promise extended; Physical faith vs. Spiritual faith