King of Kings Friendship Award

He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings!

King of Kings Friendship Award

A fond thank you to Sebastian today for nominating me for the King of Kings Friendship Award. It really is wonderful when people enjoy God’s word as I do. I am so inspired by many of you as blogging has enabled me to hear from others. I hope that we are all able to continue to encourage one another as the Apostle Paul regularly reminds us. The kingdom really is at hand! Sebastian’s Faith First Ministry ( is one that I follow and has been a pleasure and rewarding for me to read. Go to his site and you will see what I mean! Thank you again Sebastian this one means a lot.

Here are a list of others I would like to nominate for this award. Congratulations to all of you as I hope you will accept how much you have inspired me these past nine months. No pressure to accept and pass along but I think others will enjoy your writing as much as I do, all of which are very helpful and in different ways.

God’s child  Means exactly what the title says  Tremendous testimony, read his about page  Very helpful teaching   Recently subscribed but immediately affected me  Someone to ponder your thoughts with.  A very useful sight for a mother with two sons, 20 & 26