Act Of Love

Endure trials for the sake of discipline. We’re always ready to accept the gifts and benefits of love but not until we fully understand the truth about love are we ready to accept discipline as part of that gift. Love is not always about getting what we want. The truth about love is that it involves sacrifice of which was first made by God. Sacrifice in turn involves discipline. Our parents made sacrifices for us and we in turn make sacrifices for our children. As mature adults we understand that when we are in disobedience towards God, we can expect to be punished. When we are obedient towards God we can expect to be rewarded. Discipline, the practice of training the self towards a certain behavior, is what happens in between. Whatever our situation, we can either discipline our spirit towards reconciliation with God or we can discipline our spirit towards death. If we believe that God loves us, not only will our act of love through discipline help us to endure but also learn, grow, and prosper.

Discipline an act of love; Discipline towards God; God’s steadfast love