God’s Authority Reigns

I believe God’s authority reigns over all. All other authority has no power except that which we give it. However it is not okay to break the laws put in place for a civilized society. By doing so we can expect a consequence. When the scribes and the Pharisees, approached Jesus concerning a woman caught in adultery, Jesus does not question their application of the law, but rather their desire to judge her character and condemn her to death. He reaches the heart of the matter in that they seem to forget in their own history, God’s desire to show compassion and mercy. Jesus never said that what the woman did was not unlawful; he merely helped the authorities to see that they too were not without sin, effectively separating legal authority from human authority. We have the authority to show compassion and mercy where the law does not. Since all have sinned, the mercy and compassion we show one another will be the mercy and compassion God shows with us.

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