The Masquerade Of Life

Physically, we are all born into this world blind to it’s customs; blind to its effects; blind to its consequences. In that respect the darkness of this world has a foot hole in our lives from the very beginning and affects the self to the point of masquerading the spirit within, which seeks the light of true knowledge of the self. That light of true knowledge is to walk in fellowship with the creator of life itself. Every live physical birth has within it a spirit. The beginning of understanding true knowledge is the rebirth of the spirit within. Although the journey of the spirit seemingly has a disadvantage, because of the time spent interacting with the physical world, all things physical eventually passes away. The supreme advantage of the spirit is that of its steadfast and everlasting nature. Unfortunately, some never get to true knowledge. The rest of us get there at various times in our lives and when we do the battle to stay within the spirit can be difficult. Just remember the supreme advantage and know that walking in the light of true knowledge always over comes the darkness.

Born Blind; Walking in Light; Struggle; Supreme Advantage

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