Blessings: Genuine Blogger Award

I give thanks and praise to God for every blessing. Today a special appreciation and humble thank you to Martha Shaw author of a really wonderful and inspirational blog site for blessing me with this nomination. My ministry is to spread God’s word. Since I’ve started my blog I have encountered so many great blog sites with the same premise to spread God’s word with the hope of encouraging others to also believe.  I have also met others who write to share life experience through poetry and prose, which can be very enlightening. I now have the honor of nominating others. Thank you again Martha for the opportunity.

This award, was created by Just Ramblin’  . As per her wish there are no rules just blessings. It is nice to bless others for inspiring me with this award and I hope others will also inspired. by those I nominate.  Copy the badge if you like by right mouse clicking on the image and saving the picture file to your computer. I encourage you to also check out Martha Shaw at

The following are just a few great inspiring and interesting sites, some old and some new.

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