Kreativ Blogger Award

First, that someone liked me enough to add my blog to this award is really an honor and quite a pleasant surprise. Thank you, justbenswords for nominating me. I have to say justbenswords is wonderful poetry worth following and passing on to others I hope you all will give him a long look.

Second, I have to share 7 interesting things about myself. For me they are things I really enjoy.

1) I love God, his son Jesus Christ and his gospel

2) I love being an Episcopal Priest

3) I learned to sew when I was 11 and have made most of my own vestments

4) One of my favorite places to visit was South Africa. I hope to one day return.

5) I have a goal to learn Spanish by the end of the year

6) I have a family that believes in me.

7) I have a black belt in Karate, and play the flute

Third, I must now nominate 7 others to this Kreativ Award. I hope you enjoy them as I do.

4 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, Rev. Deidre. If you’ve managed to accomplish all those things at such a young age, it’s hard to imagine where those talents and your faith will take you. One thing that seems evident…you’ll be willing.

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