What does it mean to be friends with Jesus? The disciples have only had a three-year relationship with this person called Jesus and from my own experience the older you get you realize that’s really not that long of a time to get to know someone. We begin this thing called friendship at early ages, some years adding and other years subtracting people in our lives, in what we soon discover is a very small world. Some of us even gave our friends group names like the crew, peeps, brothers & homeboys, sorors and home-girls, posses, and entourage. However, unless you were the leader of that group, were you really friends with all of them? Remember when Jesus was resurrected he immediately went to be with his disciples and one of them wasn’t there. Thomas apparently, quite possibly in his grief was nowhere to be found, yet it was important for Jesus to make sure that Thomas believed, because it was important for Thomas’ witness (even as a doubter) to be a part of the growth of the Gospel (John 20:24-29). We know that today leaders don’t tell everybody in the group everything. So it’s not unusual to lose track of our “friends” simply by lack of communication. As time goes by some of these same people whom we have called friends ten or twenty years ago are today, now just acquaintances or people you know. The good news for us today is that Christ’s desire to be friends with his disciples is also his desire to be our friend and if that were not true of Christ we wouldn’t still be talking about him today. The question is whether we are ready to be friends with Jesus.