Are You Using All Your Strength?

One day a small boy was trying to lift a stone much too heavy for him. His father walked by and seeing his struggles said; “Are you using all your strength?” The boy said that indeed he was.  But the father replied; “No son, you aren’t, for you haven’t asked me.”

How much haven’t we asked God about? How many of our weaknesses do we keep locked up inside us, because we think that we should be able to handle on our own? We need to remember that a part of our strength, the greater part, comes from our relationship to God – the God who is able and willing to help us. But first we must realize our weakness, and then we must trust that God’s spirit will take control and strengthen us in our weakness as we move forward.  Doing our best as Christians always includes asking God to help us do what we are striving to do.  From independence to dependence; God makes his power perfect in our weakness; for it is there that he is able to do for us what we, out of our own strength alone, won’t let him do.