Always Looking Up To God

These past couple of weeks I’ve been reading 2 Samuel in which we find the life events of King David. Most recently the event of David and Bathsheba has my attention in that it gives a most tragic example of the depth of the human will turned away from the presence of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps our cycle of transgressions doesn’t reach such an epic proportion as adultery followed by deceit and compounded by murder, nonetheless we are all guilty of making poor decisions and compounding them with even poorer choices. We forget that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. When this happens the power of the spirit of God doesn’t leave us, we just cause it to become ineffective because we are focused on the physical and not the spiritual.

We are without a doubt on a spiritual journey that will continually encounter physical forces, which will challenge our relationship with one another and our relationship with God. Most times we will triumph over the challenge. Occasionally we will fail. Other times we will panic, but the heart that seeks after God will always prevail. David’s story is a reminder that even the anointed can become the antagonist in one’s own life. We may be chosen but we are not immune to the ways of the world, so let your house be guided by the spirit of compassion, understanding and most of all love. Above all remember that no matter how high we get, we should always be looking up to God.

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