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Remember my life! Remember my death! When people we dearly love die, these are the two things we remember most about them; their life and their death. We remember how they impacted us in their living and we remember the sorrow of hearing that they had died. We do this even for people we simply admire, like Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King among many others. As we move on, we often take on some part of that person in our own lives so that some part of them moves on with us. Hopefully it is a good part. When Jesus started saying to his followers “I am the bread of life.”, many claimed it was a difficult teaching and some turned away. For us today I believe it remains an invitation to carry Jesus’ life, death and resurrection with us as we move forward in our own life. If we can do this in our remembrance for the people in our lives that we love so dearly or simply admire, how much more should we as Christians desire to do this with Christ? Perhaps it is overwhelming to eat all of this bread in one day, but if we eat what we can to sustain us for each day, will we not be sustained every day for life?

Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread.

John 6:51-69 …”the one who eats this bread will live forever…The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.

3 thoughts on “Do This

  1. Wow, today began with a heavy heart and my feeling discouraged at my personal struggle, but this time (wish it was always) I quickly prayed about it rather than trying to “think it through” andd He released me from the bondage and has been steadily with me and using both Joy who delivered a word to me from Him twice today (my blog and her own) and now your post here. Not sure when either of you posted what you have, but His timing is perfect and He led me to these words just when I needed them.

    He does give us what we need and when we need it. Always. He speaks to us encouragement and comfort always, even when our spirit is too noisy to hear His voice. He doesn’t give up on us. Not ever. You’re right. I never thought about taking on some of the loved ones who’ve gone to be with Him, but yes I can now see that and He sure does sustain us . . . with all we need and then some. He gives us food and He gives us JOY! We need “food” to go on. We could, I suppose, live without joy, or exist without it, but He loves us far too much for that! Thank you for this post!

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