Decided during this labor day week that I would reblog some of my post from the early days. For some of you they may be your first time reading. I do hope they were good reading. Thanks to all of you who are still hanging in there with me. God has been so good. Please keep my ministry in prayer. Peace & Blessings


Sunday-July 31, 2011

… on feeding five thousand

Overwhelming or unexpected situations are the perfect opportunity for the enemy to convince us that we don’t have the power to effect change. Who among us has not had unexpected company that has stayed a little too long? Invited guests we’re prepared for but those who drop in unexpectedly, always seem to arrive when that week’s shopping didn’t get done or the kitchen is “closed.” What’s a host to do? Hospitality occupies a very prominent position in ancient Jewish culture, and I believe today is at the heart of the Christian commandment to love God and love neighbor as self. What initially sounds like a concern on the part of the disciples, Christ reveals as possible anxiety, self-preservation and/or a lack of faith. Doubt doesn’t just hinder our ability to make a difference; it takes away our confidence that through Christ…

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