Reading this was right on time for me this morning and thought I’d share it with you.


“I used to live an isolated existence, even in relationships.” Those are the words of Tim Allen, who once had at the same time the best-selling book, the highest grossing movie and the number one television show in America. Those are also the words of Tim Allen, who lost his father at age eleven, became addicted to alcohol and found himself a prisoner when arrested for trafficking in narcotics. He’s 59 now. I think it’s interesting that Tim Allen is a former chemically addicted ex-con orphan. And I also think it’s interesting that it’s taken him 60 years to learn that living alone among others is the worst kind of wounding one can inflict on self. More interesting still is the inquiry of whether such a lesson I shall ever learn.


Samson’s great strength offered no solace for his seclusion. Out of his inner pain as a person he…

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