3rd Day Of Christmas

Bantam Salmon Faverolles a French breed of chicken to be exact.  French hens are said to be gentle in nature, adaptable to confinement or free range and possess five toes per foot as opposed to four. Why three hens? Perhaps it’sfaith-hope-love-bulgarian-brown-ART the gift of wisdom often expressed in female terms metaphorically merged with the compassionate words of St. Paul who reminds us of the three things that endure; Faith, Hope and Love (1Cor. 13:13). Surely, there is none like our Lord and Savior – gentle, adaptable, human yet divine. Far too often we keep the everlasting love of God confined like an ornament until the exhibition days of the Christmas season. Yet, He waits faithfully with expectation that everyday may become both within and openly around us, like the one.

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