Fashion Of The Week

…work for food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. John 6:27-40   There’s a scene from the Soul Musical “The Wiz” in which the Wizard of Oz constantly changes his mind about the color of the day. Instantly as he changes his mind from green, to red, and then gold, the outfits on the citizens of Oz would change. After feeding five thousand people, the crowd that follows Jesus to Capernaum, wants more food but perceiving their heart, he urges them to understand that “food” is not the priority today nor will it be necessary for “the end of days.” It’s Jesus’ way of saying don’t just fall for the “fashion” of the week or even the season. These things go as quickly as they come; sometimes overnight (like the Wizard in Oz)! Through Christ, God has given us that which is eternal, a spiritual home overflowing with enough love (spiritual food) to continually fill an eternal number of people.

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