Who is it that conquers the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? 1 John 5:1-12   What does it really mean to conquer the world? Does it mean that we get everything we want or that we are always in control?  Does it mean we command attention or demand attention? Does it mean we speak loudly and carry a big stick or quietly stomp every word of other people’s perception? Jesus simply followed the will of God. If we can open our hearts wide enough to allow ourselves to do the same, our sense of control, need for attention and desire to be heard now belongs to God. Once God has it, who’s arms are long enough to take on God?

5 thoughts on “Conquerors

  1. Nice and challenging thoughts!! Thanks so much! Much to ponder and much to dig deep and determine our inner desires.

    Have you ever read the tract…My Heart Christ’s Home? This reminds me a bit about examining out heart, our motives and what is buried that must be dealt with….again…thanks for the challenge to dig deep!!

    God bless you!! k

    • Thank you. I have not heard of the tract but will look it up. I struggled to write something for Wednesday and this thought came after a day long meeting with some of my colleagues. I am challenged every day to examine my heart and I am gradually learning how to discern everything that come in and out and by God’s grace I get through the day and my heart opens a little wider. Praise be to God! Peace and Blessing to you!

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