Reach: A Touch Of Faith

‘If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well.’  Mark 5:21-41  Imagine that! Healing had eluded the woman in this story for 12 years and she dares to reach for Christ that she may touch a mere extension of clothing from his body. If we in fact believe that everything belongs to God what keeps us from reaching? If something is eluding us today perhaps we’ve been reaching in the wrong direction. By the grace of God we like the woman in this story must reach out in faith and know that God’s presence of the spirit within will bring us to a place of healing, whether mind, body or spirit. That same touch of faith will also help us to reach others by our own testimony, that we may help bring others to a place of healing as well.

Weekend Mission: Reach out and touch.

(Featured image photographed by Enoch Chan)

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