Crumbs Will Do!

“Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.”  Then he said to her, “… you may go– the demon has left your daughter.”Mark 7:24-37  I remember my mother as someone who always seemed to have the answers. Once when I was a child, we were on one of our many day trips and apparently I had asked one too many questions. Finally my mother turns to me and says “You ask too many questions!” For a while I tried to contain myself but the silence was more than I could bare and I quietly responded, “If I don’t ask questions, how will I know the answers?” Another brief moment of silence and she thoughtfully said; “You’re absolutely right.” Although I felt somewhat vindicated, I decided that whatever else I needed to know could wait another day. The woman in this story needed healing for her daughter. She knew Jesus could give her daughter that healing. Although Jesus wanted to stay focused on his ministry to the people of Israel her humbling faithful response caused him to rethink. She knew that any residual from Christ’s presence among his people was far more effective than anything else for which she could possibly wait. Thus, the crumbs would do just fine! She didn’t have to wait any longer, the woman’s daughter was healed and I kept asking questions.

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