Jumping Ship

…but the centurion, wishing to save Paul, kept them from carrying out their plan. Acts 27:27-44  Ever wonder why God brings certain people into your life? Even though Paul assured his boat mates and captures that the key to their survival was that they all needed to stay in the ship, there were those who believed the weight of the boat needed to be lightened. The first to go would have to be the prisoners. Sometimes we find our selves captured in various situations and the first thing we want to do is jump ship. But if we just hang in there a little while longer we find that it is often safer to stay where we are rather than battle the storms that rise to keep us from getting safely to the other side. Like the centurion that protected Paul, God places those soldiers in our lives as well, to intercede on our behalf. As for our steadfastness in the storm, perhaps we are being called to make disciples on the way to that peaceful shore.

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