30 Days In September

Prayers for the Unemployed and the Underemployed

On August 28, 1963 hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the commemoration of which was re-enacted 50 years later one week ago Saturday. As we approach the 2013 celebration of the labor force, our economy continues to struggle today for both jobs and freedom. I offer this 30 day vigil of prayer for the unemployed and underemployed. For as much as we like to see individuals “pull themselves up by their own boot straps” it simply is not possible without a fair living wage. The following prayer will be on my website and Facebook page. For the next 30 days, I invite you to find any time of the day to join me in prayer for all those who continue to seek employment, those who are underemployed and those who have within their resources to help build a fruitful nation for everyone who believe in the equality for which this nation stands. Please share with your Facebook friends and family and perhaps we can create a spiritual climate that accompanies and accomplishes our call to action.

For the laborers of this land (adapted from BCP p.824, 826)

Gracious God, we remember before you those who suffer want and anxiety from unemployment and underemployment: impress upon the leaders of this land, both public and private, to work diligently and collectively for those who have been steadfast in their pursuit of suitable and fulfilling employment, with the goal of receiving just payment for their labor. Let the true miracle be the work of your people for your people, as a nation built upon the promise of life liberty and pursuit of happiness which it dares to deliver. Help us and strengthen us to establish equal protection and equal opportunity for all, and grant that everyone of us enjoys the riches of your land, to the glory of your name.