Well Done

…the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion… Philippians 1:11 Perhaps you can recall the day you first accepted the knowledge, life, death and resurrection of Christ as your salvation. Perhaps as well you recall the joy of having confessed shortcomings and now have the presence of the remembrance of Christ to help guide you through this journey. Perhaps you even recall the first time you mustered up the courage to share this experience with someone else. You’ve walked with high hopes, high expectations and no doubt “high” returns. You’ve considered the poor and needy and humbled yourself so as to understand that you also stand among them. Yet, even as no one else sees or understands, know that God sees and understands. He is merciful and well pleased. As the good work which God began in us guides us to one day see him face to face, we will also hear him say well done.

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