Path Of Least Resistance

…you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants… Matthew 11:25-30  To have a cerebral advantage in this life is certainly a benefit. Who wants to understand themselves as infantile in their thinking? But consider this, the already wise and intelligent in the world are filled with knowledge, experience and “good” judgment in the world. While the infant is in the early stage of development. The message of Christ isn’t about reaching the smartest person in the room or the one least likely to succeed, but rather reaching the heart of one who has the capacity and eagerness to be filled with the knowledge of the Spirit even in the midst of our preconceived thoughts, and previously learned behaviors. Yet, in order to redesign a cupboard that is already full – it must first be emptied. The more we empty ourselves of the worlds’ knowledge and understanding, the more God is able to reveal himself through Christ, moving in a spiritual path of least resistance from the Apostles right through us today, and into every believer tomorrow.