Walking Through The Images

“Why do you speak to them in parables?   Matthew 13:10-17  Jesus is faced with a generation of people whose heart has grown dull (some scriptures say calloused). Historically the prophets spoke very plainly to the people of Israel, yet over and over again they wouldn’t listen to the point at which it no longer mattered what was said. Sound familiar? The question asked by the disciples sounds suspiciously like the one we ask our children and quite often ourselves concerning why we insist on learning things the hard way. We don’t listen! While there are some experiences we must learn and struggles we must endure, it doesn’t mean we should not listen and benefit from the love and wisdom of those before us. The more we turn our hearts towards a self serving world the harder it can become to turn towards the Word of God. Parables help to create images for the hearer. As we are walking through the images, prayerfully, through Christ, for the one who desires to know; the parables become more clear and the Word of God becomes less hidden. For God desires to reveal himself as much as (and probably more) to one who truly desires to know.

“…to those who have; more will be given, and they will have an abundance…”

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