Honor Among Peers

“Prophets are not without honor except in their own country…”  Matthew 13:53-58  The South African concept of Ubuntu emphasizes the interconnectedness of the human relationship. One can not be human by oneself. Anything that is done by one affects someone else in some way. For this reason, the concept encourages that each should strive towards the greater good because then everyone benefits, everyone moves forward. In the same way, when used according to his will, God’s gift to one of us, in various ways is God’s gift to each of us. Yet, when Jesus returns to his hometown filled with the wisdom and power of the Holy, the people of his hometown reject the gift given for the benefit of everyone. Innately, we are created  to be in right  relationship with God and one another. What we do is not so much about honor among peers as it is about the will of God. Christ has done his part, now is the time for us to do ours. Let us honor, receive and share the Gift. Have faith and believe.

Cover Photo by Elliot Haney 2009

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