Choosing Battles

“Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders?”  Matthew 15:1-20  In my mother’s house a clean room was a “tradition,” an unspoken, uncontested act of obedience. However, my two sons are seven years apart and by the time my second son reached the age at which I felt he understood the importance of taking responsibility, I no longer concerned myself with the clean rooms. I’d fought that battle with the first and lost over and over again. I simply asked that he keep his door closed at all times. I realized choosing battles is an art form and in between those years, so much more was going on in the lives of my children that needed more of my attention, more of my love.  Of course everything can not be solved by simply shutting the door and “traditions” we hold to can make us and at other times break us. Yet, in 2000+ years the one tradition that allows us to grow and move forward in spite of the battles we choose, is the tradition of God which has never changed; to love, to love unconditionally, and to love more – over and over again.

5 thoughts on “Choosing Battles

  1. Haha, this made me chuckle. Choosing your battles: I think this is a wonderful lesson. Often times we think we have to ‘Lord over’ our children but in fact they can teach us too. I had a similar experience with my daughter. Eventually I backed off from demanding a spotless room. In the end I attributed her unkempt room ethic to her artistic temperament. However, one day while I was scrubbing the kitchen floor, she was pestering me to take her out to do something fun together. I said “No! Now, can you please vacuum the living room” then she declared, “ Mom you spend too much time cleaning and working around the house. You don’t enjoy life!” I had to pause and agree with her. It’s good to keep a clean and tidy house but at what cost? Kind of a ‘Martha’ lesson isn’t it? I am enjoying your posts and glad to have made this connection.

    • Praise God – and you’re welcome. Thank your for sharing and yes it is definitely a good Martha lesson. It only took me seven years or so – lol. Plus my oldest who now lives on his own keeps a rather tidy apartment – needless to say I’m quite proud – :).

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