Faithful Cries

a Canaanite woman…came out shouting… but he did not answer at all…  Matthew 15:21-28  After a long night, I awoke to rare early morning barking, but payed no attention. Apparently, my Italian Greyhound needed to go out, but it was 6am! By the time I came down it was clear that indeed his barking was an emergency cry. The mess he created left me frustrated as I had far more important things to do that day than clean up his mess. Today, Jesus focused no his ministry, ignores the cries of a Canaanite woman, and his disciples, for their own reasons, implore him to send her away. To be clear, me ignoring my dog isn’t anything like Christ ignoring the Canaanite woman. My reason for ignoring Orpheus is more like the disciples – selfish and self serving. He was bothering me and interrupting my rest. Although it was the will of God that caused Jesus to keep his focus, in no way could he keep ignoring her. To do so, I believe would support the disciples insensitivity. At the very least Jesus must acknowledge her and make clear his mission. For that, God makes clear his mission. Even the faithful cries of the broken, marginalized and the forgotten are heard by Him and are healed.

7 thoughts on “Faithful Cries

  1. Deidre – good morning! Here is one example of how Facebook can be a really positive experience. If I had not “friended” you, I would not have discovered your blog. I am enjoying your writing so much. I am not sure where you are right now. Might you ever be able to show up for a service at Christ Church? So many of us would be thrilled to see you. Ann Haslanger

    • Hello Ann, Very happy to stay in touch and very happy to be your Facebook friend! Actually I’m still around :). So glad that you are enjoying the message God has given. Perhaps one day you will see me at Christ Church. Peace always and God Bless!

    • All Praise to God and thank you so much. I do understand about not having as much time as we would like to read. I too find it very challenging from day to day. So grateful that God has given me something to share with others whenever and wherever the time is right. Peace and God Bless!

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