Our Challenge

For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you…   Matthew 16:13-20  The closer we are to one another the more opportunities we have to reveal ourselves. As I matured in life, I got ever closer to my mother. The time that we spent with each other revealed more about her that made me love her more and more. When she died, the voices of others who knew her revealed even more. Some of that revelation from her childhood wasn’t so appealing. It didn’t matter. I had become close enough to her to know that from the very beginning of my life, she was all that I needed her to be. To this day I carry the strength of her life with me. It can be challenging when we believe those closest to us to be something that others see differently from another perspective. As the relationship between Jesus and his disciples get closer he asks them; “Who do you say that I am?” I believe our challenge is to get close enough to know who he is for ourselves and prayerfully in the relationship the closer we get to the Word of God, graciously more will be revealed.