Uniquely Humbled

Whoever welcomes one such child…   Matthew 18:1-9  I remember the first time I dared to form the words “I’m grown” out loud while in conversation with my mother and one of her sisters. Initially I needed help because my aunt new exactly what I was about to say and before I knew it there was no turning back. “That’s right,” I boldly blurted out, “I’m grown!” In my defense I was married and my oldest was about a year old. They simply smiled and the conversation continued. The disciples ask of Jesus “who then is greater in the kingdom of the heavens?” Jesus responds by calling forward a child. We are to “turn and become as children.” Over the years, my brief moment of elevation, confirmation and reception into adulthood on that “great day” is uniquely humbled by my life as a child of God in the sense that I am ever learning, ever listening, guided and disciplined by the wisdom of His spirit within.

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