Grown Folk

How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen… and you were not willing!  Matthew 23:27-39  What’s a mother to do?  It is often said that, “You can’t raise grown folk.” So much of who we are is out of the care and nurturing of the one who has raised us. Ultimately there comes a time when the responsibility of our consciousness becomes ours. Much of the challenge after that “raising up” is in becoming who we believe our selves to be and who God says we really are. The good news is that the spiritual life through Christ is not meant to be done alone. Being “spiritually grown” does not mean we have all the answers. Being “spiritually grown” means that we are ever stretching to be more fully grown. This requires a willingness of the spirit within to be gathered up by the one Spirit that draws us out of our own sense of maturity which limits us, into a maturity of Spirit where all things are possible.

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