Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

A Rabbit In The Ear

…and let us make a name for ourselves.  Genesis 11:1-9  Just this morning I heard a news story concerning a rabbit in the ear of the recent Mandela statue that was unveiled in Pretoria South Africa. Admittedly, the sculptors, Prinsloo and van Vuuren inserted a tiny rabbit in the ear as a “small trademark” after authorities refused to let them engrave their names on the statue’s trousers.  Apparently, it’s not visible when viewing from any distance. However, by revealing that the rabbit was there, I had to wonder if they believed that it was important (at least for them) that somewhere down the line (should they be forgotten), people could identify who built the statue, and (at least for the moment), making the reveal more about themselves.  How high is the honor to be commissioned by one’s government, to recreate the image that represents a nation’s struggle with justice and its reward for not surrendering to that struggle, in order to see justice manifest at its highest level of government? The gift of creativity is given by God and at times we can be very self-serving with God’s gifts. Thus, at every moment of our own expression of God’s gifts, we must ask ourselves how important is that “rabbit in the ear?”

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