Love In Style

…the law…can never make perfect those who approach.  Hebrews 10:1-10  It is interesting so see how throughout generations fashion claims to take on “new images” when in reality it’s simply taken on a new name. I remember the first time I heard my niece call a pair of jeans I was wearing “flairs.” She was attracted to the styling, and why wouldn’t she be? When I was her age I was attracted to them as well. Back then we called them bell bottoms. I suppose in another generation they will take on another name but in the end it really is simple. They are an attractive style of jeans. Whomever designed it first, created an everlasting fashion that continues to appeal. I believe the same could be said about Gods Love. Yet God’s Love unlike jeans is not a fashion statement that comes and goes, even though we sometimes treat it as if it is, and refuse to accept God’s love for ourselves and therefore have difficulty with healthy expressions of love for others. Throughout the generations of time humanity has added and taken things away from God’s love expressed in scripture form. It’s through Christ I understand that God’s love is always in style. Our love for one another should be as well. While God’s love gave us the law to help guide us, we can never be perfect by the law, and I believe only by God’s Love we are continually saved.

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