Forced Out

… he lingered; so the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand… and they brought him out. Genesis 19:1-29  There are days when I am feeling particularly blessed and today is one of those days. Not for any specific thing other than the fact that God is good! As I was reading the story of Lot’s escape from Sodom I was reminded of the fear that sometimes overcomes us in the face of stress, or danger. Lot and his family had to be led by the hand out of the city, forcing him to leave. Lot, not realizing at that time, that God was saving his life! Feeling forced to leave a place or a situation is extremely uncomfortable. Yet as uncomfortable and stressful as it can be our faith in God should encourage us to allow Him to lead us out of that dark place or situation because it will in fact save our lives. If we must look back, look back on God’s mercy. Look back on God’s grace.

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